WeCanvas Simplicity In Business

When “Simple” is your best approach

What happens when your performance starts to decline and you lose traction in the market?
We know what to do and it works every time.

Back in the day I worked in the corporate world where everything was so fast paced that it was difficult to keep up. We had external competitors of course, but also internal competition was fierce. We competed for product, for resources, for attention.

This fast paced culture of evolution and change has a lot of positives. It always keeps you on your toes, alert to any trends and opportunities. We were constantly striving to try new things and make the most of the resources that we had, which triggered innovation and thinking outside the box.

As long as sales kept coming in, we were good. But what happens when performance starts to soften and you are losing traction in the market? We knew what to do and it worked every time: Back to basics.

I know it’s a no brainer but we sometimes forget the beauty of simplicity. Make sure that you have your basics right; that simple things that are the core of your business are working like a swiss watch. Do an internal and external assessment. What has changed that is outside your control, what have you changed without realising the consequences?

Stopping and revisiting the basics of your business pays off every single time.

Now that I work in my own business, simplicity continues to be the magic word for our methodology. I had a conversation with a friend who had long experience both in consultancy and in the corporate world when WeCanvas was still a project. I shared with him how we worked with our clients and what our proposition was. I still remember his reply “I like that your methodology is so simple”. And it has to be simple because simplicity gives us the flexibility to adjust to any situation, any client need and problem.

The simplicity of revisiting your business model, looking at your environment and identifying challenges, solutions and opportunities works every single time. No matter the industry, the company or the problem at hand. 

The first step is always to understand where the problem is. Back to basics. It works every time.

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