We challenge your business model to deliver increased value

If you feel you are constantly firefighting, you’ve lost control of your day to day and you can’t see new opportunities, we help you to create time and space.

If you have an idea for your business and don’t know where to start we give you the impulse you need.

If your department needs to find new opportunities and ways of working we help you to deliver value through innovation.

Our methodology works on the three pillars :

WeCanvas What we do

We listen to People

People are the beating heart of any company and the first step in our process. Understanding who you are and what moves you is critical. Listening is always the right way to start.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, team leader or team member; the individual brings to life the values of your brand or company. In a world where everything is urgent we can easily lose sight of what really matters. We help you to make the most of your time, align your priorities to your values and reduce the stress of the everyday hyper-connected environment.

A well aligned team is capable of delivering creative solutions and it is essential to create an environment where each of them can thrive and give their utmost potential.

We support leaders and members to understand the value of efficient internal and external communication. Active listening, understanding that people process information in different ways and developing your emotional intelligence are basic tools for success.

In the current ever changing environment teamwork is essential. The agility to create multi disciplinary working groups is key and gives the opportunity to every member to use and share their knowledge in different ways. We can help you to identify skills and develop your people so each of them can thrive in a culture that allows them to learn and grow while promoting ownership and innovation.

Ultimately you are creating value for people and through people, whatever your business is about.

The importance of people in Business

We analyse Data

Data in Business
Why Data?

Because Data is the fuel that your business runs on! We think of Data as the essential element to understand the reality of your project, discover your customer needs and take bullet proof decisions that will help you adapt quicker and smoother.

A Data driven mindset contributes to the creative process as it helps your team to leave fears behind and build on confidence. With the right approach, Data will be your tool to measure success.

Data can either confirm your perceptions or reveal amazing uncovered potential. It will drive your attention to areas of the business that you had not considered before, identifying opportunities for the future.

How do we use data?

You would never guess how many times the insights you get from your Data make you take a completely new direction from the one you initially had in mind! Data can be used as if it was a toy. We grab it, we move it around, we test it again and again and learn from it.

It is easier to implement a growth mindset in your teams if you know where you stand.

We simplify your data and make it easy for you to use and play with. We can deliver a tailored product adapted to your needs that will help you maximize both your time and resources, enabling you to focus on other key areas and business opportunities.

We challenge your creativity in all areas of your business

How creative do you consider yourself to be?

…OK, think back…

… a little further…Think of yourself as a kid…

Did you use to invent stories or games when you were a kid? Or daydream you lived in parallel worlds?

We are all born creative…but why do most of us opt out of thinking of ourselves as creative?

Creativity is not limited to the ability to draw or paint. Creativity is the ability to observe, analyze and interpret reality to design new solutions.

We guide you through the process of regaining that lost creative spirit , encourage you to try to look at reality from a different perspective and reach your true potential without the fear of being judged.

You’ll be surprised how creative and innovative you and your team can be. Through our methodology we will challenge you to find new ways of:

Analysing and observing. At We Canvas, we push you to look at your business with fresh eyes, as if it was the first time you ever heard about your Brand. Analysing phase can go from putting yourself in the shoes of your customer/employees/partners to how to work with your numbers. 

Solving problems. Based on the Design thinking mindset, we push you to generate a wide range of ideas as a team or individual and step beyond obvious solutions. Ideation can uncover unexplored areas of your business and drive to innovation.

Working & Co-creating. We no longer expect great ideas to come from the one creative guy locked up in his office. All profiles and backgrounds have different visions of the world and it is by leveraging this diversity that you can come up with the best ideas and solutions.

You and your teams have the knowledge, experience, and the visibility of the day-to-day.

“We Canvas together” means that we help you to paint your own canvas and design your future with confidence.

Creativity in Business

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