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We are consultants that support individuals, small and medium size companies, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs to define and implement a successful model for their business.  

We have a long experience in running businesses and teams with strategic vision and analytical capabilities. We use creativity to identify opportunities and help you unlock your potential.

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We help teams & entrepreneurs to create business value through People, Data & Creativity.

Our methodology helps you create flexible solutions to allow you to thrive in change. Together we will design a creative approach to your business so that you flex when needed and always be ahead of the game in the future. Guided by the principles of design thinking you will fully understand where you are today, look at your reality with different eyes and create an organisation that delivers value through business performance, organisation agility and people engagement.

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Our different professional and personal backgrounds allow us to use our expertise in all areas of the business. We are not your traditional consultant, we are partners that come from the business and can relate to most of your issues, situations and concerns. Accessing tools and methodologies that help to design a model for your business and to identify your pain points and why they are happening.

WeCanvas team members
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"WeCanvas were able to provide the insight, structure and market intelligence to enable us to make informed, expedited decisions. From the first meeting, WeCanvas took the time to understand our business and identify our objectives. They created a personalised, curated journey that was flexible enough to evolve with the project."

Virgin Voyages (US - UK)

Shane Riley
AVP International Sales
WeCanvas clients El 7

"THANK YOU in capital letters for appearing in the midst of the uncertainty of reopening after the pandemic. Now I feel confident that I can run the business based on the clarity of the numbers, a clear communication message and a more efficient time management"

El 7, Yoga & Wellness Space (Barcelona)

Maria Burata
Founder of El 7
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"WeCanvas was our main support when taking multiple challenges for the future of a travel agency that became a representative and wholesaler of cruises in our country. The professionalism, enthusiasm and dynamism of the WeCanvas team allowed us to clearly identify the starting point and the strategies that we would follow to open our space in the market. The WeCanvas team gave us fundamental elements and a clear direction that today, with the return of cruise ships, places us in a leadership position in the region. We are eternally grateful to the WeCanvas team."

Deluxe Travel, Travel Agency (Colombia)

Olga Cock
Manager at Deluxe Travel S.A.S.