Connecting business and community to design a shared future.

We offer our experience, network and knowledge of the tourism industry to companies that are eager to make a positive impact in the communities where they operate.

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Customized strategies that connect businesses with their local communities

We leverage our 25+ years experience in the tourism industry in Europe to help our clients develop strategies that align with their business objectives while addressing the unique needs of local stakeholders, including public and private organizations, non-profit, and local communities.

Meaningful and lasting connections that benefit both the company and the community

From supporting education, cultural and sustainability initiatives to fostering collaboration with community organizations, we help businesses create meaningful and lasting connections that benefit both the company and the community. Our goal is to empower companies to be not just successful enterprises but also valued contributors to the social fabric of their surroundings.

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Based in Barcelona and with extensive experience across Spain and Southern Europe, we are two co-founders who bring diverse backgrounds and networks that create an ideal combination of contacts, expertise, and connections. This ensures the design of comprehensive programs of social sustainability through economic, cultural, and artistic initiatives.

WeCanvas team Belen Wanguemert

Belén Wangüemert

I have 30 years of senior management experience in international tourism-related companies. My extensive knowledge of Spain, and Southern European countries, coupled with a deep understanding of corporate dynamics and community needs, positions me uniquely to bridge the gap between corporations and local communities.

My professional trajectory includes leading international teams, which adds a valuable dimension to the development of community engagement programs, enabling me to navigate cultural complexities, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful impact for corporations and communities alike.

Drawing from my vast network of contacts cultivated over decades of professional engagement, I can facilitate meaningful partnerships and collaborations between companies and community stakeholders.

Over the years I have developed a culture of accountability and continuous improvement that ensures our community engagement programs are not only successfully implemented but also adapted and refined over time to meet evolving needs and priorities.

WeCanvas Team Cat Lemaire

Cat Lemaire

Having studied Fine Art in the UK, then lived in Brussels, trained and started my career as a Graphic Designer in NGOs, I decided to move to Spain.

Upon arriving in Barcelona over 10 years ago, while I continued working as a Graphic Designer then Brand Manager in the Tourism industry,  I seized the opportunity to integrate myself into the vibrant artist community by immersing myself in shared artistic studios, collaborating on artist books, and co-organizing exhibitions and art fairs.

Rooted in a family legacy of service to others, I am passionate about shaping my career trajectory with a deep sense of purpose and a passion for leveraging art, creativity, and culture as tools for positive change. I deeply believe in the power of art to amplify voices, spark dialogue, and drive social change.

Virgin Voyages Logo

"WeCanvas were able to provide the insight, structure and market intelligence to enable us to make informed, expedited decisions. From the first meeting, WeCanvas took the time to understand our business and identify our objectives. They created a personalised, curated journey that was flexible enough to evolve with the project."

Virgin Voyages (US - UK)

Shane Riley
AVP International Sales
WeCanvas clients El 7

"THANK YOU in capital letters for appearing in the midst of the uncertainty of reopening after the pandemic. Now I feel confident that I can run the business based on the clarity of the numbers, a clear communication message and a more efficient time management"

El 7, Yoga & Wellness Space (Barcelona)

Maria Burata
Founder of El 7
Deluxe Travel Logo

"WeCanvas was our main support when taking multiple challenges for the future of a travel agency that became a representative and wholesaler of cruises in our country. The professionalism, enthusiasm and dynamism of the WeCanvas team allowed us to clearly identify the starting point and the strategies that we would follow to open our space in the market. The WeCanvas team gave us fundamental elements and a clear direction that today, with the return of cruise ships, places us in a leadership position in the region. We are eternally grateful to the WeCanvas team."

Deluxe Travel, Travel Agency (Colombia)

Olga Cock
Manager at Deluxe Travel S.A.S.