How would it feel to be always ready?

Summer drifts away slowly in Barcelona. Days are shorter, mornings and evenings are chilli. But the sun is reluctant to lower the temperature and during the day it gets annoyingly hot (pardon me northern countries). 

Then one day, the sun gives up on us and winter comes with cold and rain and the time comes to change your wardrobe. Summer clothes out you go, winter clothes back in again.

Seasons happen every year and yet it is not until we freeze uncomfortably for a few days that we realise the need to make changes in our wardrobe. 

I have a husband and three kids between the ages of 24 and 19. I am the only one that makes wardrobe changes twice a year. It took me time to realise that they dress in layers all year long: T-shirt, jumper, jacket, light scarf. Always ready for temperature changes. Of course they have thicker warmer sweaters for winter and hats and coats. But the basics of their wardrobe do not change. They are always ready to flex with the weather. 

Same goes for organisations. We know that change is the only constant but sometimes we need to go through the pain of freezing or sweating because we are too busy to make time to plan for change. 

How would it feel to be always ready? Can we be ready for the unexpected warm day in winter and the cold day in summer? 

All it takes is a mindset where you stay curious and alert for those changes that will suddenly require you to reach out for a warm sweater or a bathing suit. 

Understand internal and external trends looking at data as you would look into the weather forecast. Build a wardrobe of skills and personalities within your team that allows you to be ready when the weather starts to change.

Even if the familiar routine of changing wardrobe with the seasons makes me feel safe and in control, it also feels dated and a waste of time. Plus I have already found myself a couple of times staring at my closet, thinking what the hell am I supposed to wear today.