Belén Wangüemert

Hi there!

I have built my professional career leading teams both in a private company and in a corporation. Very different environments but surprisingly similar challenges: Making time for thinking instead of fire-fighting. The daily pressure on results delivery at the expense of looking further ahead and seeing what’s coming. The sense of going with the flow instead of driving to the future.

I have enjoyed leading international teams and doing business all around Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Germany. Understanding the cultural differences of countries and teams, adjusting the communication, adapting to different ways of doing business and building relationships was a fascinating journey.

You guessed it! I am the “people” part of the WeCanvas equation! I am clearly a strategic thinker but the knowledge sits within the people and it’s ultimately people who will execute a given strategy.

I love putting ideas into words and words into action. When I am not working with the WeCanvas team you can find me spending time in the country with my family and our dog or volunteering in a shelter for the homeless in my hometown of Barcelona. I also spend a good part of my time in mentoring sessions with mentees with the most diverse backgrounds and needs. You see? People, people everywhere.

Gustavo Jolly


I was born in Mexico and lived my first 27 years in the beautiful and gigantic Mexico City (from which I really miss the cheap – spicy food you have available in every corner at any time) until I moved to Barcelona in 2014. I graduated in Touristic Business Management and specialized some years later in Business & Data Analytics at ESADE. I have worked as Business Analyst & Revenue Manager for the past 10 years at Unilever & Royal Caribbean International. 

Besides spicy food, I enjoy playing all kinds of sports (really, there is no sport I have tried that I did not like…)  and love a good competition and a healthy challenge. Although I like also playing “solo” sometimes, my experience definitely tells me that working & playing as a group to achieve a goal is far more enriching. I really believe that  “Collective Intelligence will always beat Individual Intelligence”.

Playing with numbers and data came natural to me since I was a kid and luckily I have had the chance to develop these skills during my professional career. I continue doing this at WeCanvas with the same passion and curiosity as I did when I was a kid.

Cat Lemaire


I graduated from a Fine Art BA specialising in Painting at the University of Brighton in the UK. I guess that makes me the creative one of the group. But don’t get me wrong, creativity is no longer for painters only and the main lesson I took away from my studies isn’t how to draw or use oil paints (I actually still can’t draw a face in a realistic way) but how to solve problems, overcome obstacles and communicate through image and colour. 

It’s true that I don’t match with the artist stereotype (actually many artists don’t, that’s why it is a stereotype). I am an introvert, way too organized and quiet and have an analytical mind.

Anyway, graphic design and brand communication was a natural evolution for me which brought me to work as a designer & brand manager in a small NGO and then a large corporate company.
Those years made me realise how creativity can be a powerful and useful tool in a business environment.

We all have the abilities to create but most of us have lost the confidence to do it and to use creativity in everyday life, at home or at work. During our process, we give you tools to release your creativity and use it at the benefit of your project.

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